Alder Creative Strategy Sessions.

We are in the age of new business and brand realities. In this era, business and career essentials and the rules of engagement are constantly evolving. Deductive strategies for your brand and business no longer work. 

To succeed in this era and beyond, you need new thinking, ideas and strategies that are adaptive and sustainable. We call this Creative Business Strategy.

If you’ve ever wondered how to successfully adapt your business and career development to the new realities of our changing world, then let us help you get started.

Choose any of our creative strategy session plans to get clarity and direction for your life and business:

1. Solo

1 Hour Session

2. SME Corner

3 Hour Session

3. Enterprise

Custom duration

With the #AlderSessions, you can:


Get ideas on how to move to the next level


Co-ideate on success strategies for life and business


Explore opportunities in light of the New Normal

At the end of each session, you will leave with a basketful of ideas to supercharge your business or life project.

#AlderSessions is for individuals, SMEs, startups, corporate organisations and anyone interested in growth strategies.

To sign up for any of the #AlderSessions plans, please fill the form below.