Our History

First there was Alder 1.0…

Alder Consulting was founded by Mr. Leke Alder in 1996. We are a vision forward organisation defined by the quality of our ideas. We use these ideas to transform nations and organisations.

Years ago, we introduced branding as a professional discipline to Nigeria, publishing the nation’s first research-based brand report, the Alder Brand Report. That spawned a new industry and transformed members of the advertising industry into brand communication companies. Before long, the corporate landscape became refurbished with new logos and corporate identity displays. At Alder, we believe that branding is not corporate identity. Corporate identity is a brand expression, much like advertising is brand communication.

We also re-invented the professional landscape- the first brand manager in the service sector was appointed by us for a bank client. Today, there are few corporate affairs managers and mostly brand managers.

We then introduced a quaint expression into the corporate lexicon called ‘acculturation’. This was our culture program for new and reinvented brands. This program has come to stay as many brand consultants now hold acculturation sessions during their branding programs. Because of our work, newspapers created brand sections and a slew of specialty magazines focused on branding emerged. Such is the power of ideas.


Then came Alder 2.0…

We launched Alder 2.0 with a focus on nation branding. We conceptualised the Nigeria Image Project aka Heart of Africa Project and successfully sold the program to the Nigerian Government, bringing to their attention the enormous image challenges Nigeria faced. We developed a strategic blueprint for the branding of Nigeria, working with various government parastatals and departments.

We consulted for Ministries of the Federal Government, executing projects on 5 continents including the following countries: China, Canada, South Africa, the US and UK.  We launched internal campaigns against Nigeria’s brand eroders such as advance fee fraud (419) and corruption. We then trained Government personnel on their role in the project, holding workshops in the Federal Capital and inviting professors from leading international universities to train civil servants.

For the private sector, we executed a project known as Governance 500, a programme aimed at training 500 individuals who desired to go into politics or governance. Our focus has always been institutional with a focus on the economy. Therefore, we launched Enterprise 500 to do the same in entrepreneurship.


Welcome to Alder 3.0.

We have introduced another instalment to our grand vision – Alder 3.0. In this dispensation, we are extending the brand frontier by focusing on idea development (which leads to viable products) and idea marketing. We have also streamlined our business to focus on three areas: Ideas, Strategy and Brand Experience.

We are deeply concerned about how customers interact with organisations. We therefore formed a philosophy of business called the Connex Node, a continuation and extension zone where clients enhance the customer brand experience to unlock value.

As a transformative agent, we must also be transformed. So, our mission has been revised to meet the challenges of our aspiration:

“Build brands, uplift people, impact nations.”