New Rationale and Methodology


Alder has always been at the forefront of innovation and branding in Nigeria. We have written thought papers, published reports, held seminars and delivered keynote lectures.

In 2001, we introduced the first research-based brand report in Nigeria, the Alder Brand Report (ABR). In 2005, we released the Wealth of Modern Nations, citing the capitalisations of corporate brands which were in multiples of the GDPs of developing nations. It demonstrated that the wealth of nations was not their natural resources or political might but their brands. Corporate brands created employment opportunities, exports & tourism and defined culture.

Social media is undoubtedly having a similar impact on nations. There is a new culture of “nakedness”. Through social media, information has become more accessible than ever before. More citizens are becoming political campaigners, advocates and journalists. Brands are being held to account by customers. New employment segments have been created by bloggers, social media managers and online activists. Sectors like journalism, creative writing and graphic design are being transformed by social media. Design considerations now include adaptability for social media and infographics have become a new speciality. Online business networking and access to celebrities are at all-time highs. Lives have been saved through crowdsourced donations for emergency medical treatment and live updates during natural disasters. Elections have become more transparent through citizen monitors armed with mobile phones. All of this is has been made possible by social media.

It is for these reasons that Alder Consulting chose to curate, analyse and present the impact of social media in Nigeria in our report – The Alder Social Media Report. The report explores impact on commerce, governance, politics, media, entertainment, religion and social issues.

We have carefully selected our expert panel and contributors, all of whom are at the forefront of social media use in and outside Nigeria. We hope to glean insight from their articles and analyses.

The Alder Social Media Report or AlderSMR also presents Nigeria’s top corporate, government, institutional and personal social media brands. This section features results from a public poll and an expert ranking. Scoring incorporated the public poll and an assessment by an independent panel to ensure results were not influenced by orchestrated mass public votes.

The panel reviewed brands nominated by the public and also independently nominated brands. In the spirit of international rankings such as Fortune’s Most Admired Companies and the Grammy Awards, it is our belief that a peer ranking is a good approach. Therefore, Alder Consulting invited social media ‘overlords’ to serve on the panel even though their online popularity suggested that the public would also nominate them in several categories. However, members of the panel were not allowed to nominate or vote for themselves.

The ranking section of the report performs two roles: The popular rankings (public nominations) are important. Brands cannot be separated from public perception. In fact, the very nature of social media is that it is consumer-led and consumer-driven. Trending topics and memes are driven by consumers. Therefore, their voices count in determining the top social media brands.

In asking the public to nominate their favourite brands rather than vote for a pre-set list, Alder Consulting chose not to pre-qualify any social media brands. This may however change in subsequent editions now that the ground rules are well established.

The expert ranking takes a more objective approach. Individuals, who spearhead social media use and innovation; who lead brands; who research media and marketing trends bring their professional knowledge to bear. They objectively identify social media brands in Nigeria that have impacted the nation in different spheres. These professionals nominate brands not based on popularity but on impact guided by key performance indicators.

The Alder Social Media Report rankings are clearly not about the number of followers or likes that a brand has. Our report takes a broader approach, presenting the backstories and impact.

We hope the report will serve as a reference point for individuals or institutions interested in social media in Nigeria and ultimately become a model for Africa.