DataMax – Design

A new logo and corporate function materials were created to capture the essence of the brand and the company’s new strategic direction – a desire to become full-service information and data managers; to help companies mine, analyse and maximise data to impact key business decisions. The new name “DataMax” communicates this.


 Old Logo  New Logo
 about_asmr_clip_image001  about_asmr_clip_image003


The canopy in the DataMax Registrars logo describes an organisation that is a safe and secure storehouse of data and information. The logotype depicts simplicity and professionalism. The colour blue connotes maturity and professionalism while the colour orange depicts warmth and energy.


Corporate Function Materials


 Letterhead  Continuation Sheet
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 Business card



 DL  DL with address window
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 A4 envelope  A5 envelope
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 Compliments slip  ID card
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Public announcement