Banwo & Ighodalo (B&I) – Strategy

The branding programme began with a survey of internal and external audiences. Results were used during the strategy development process. Key findings from the survey included the need to redesign the logo and craft a comprehensive brand strategy.

[Lesson: Never assume. Seek objective insight about your brand from internal and external publics.]

A strategy session held with the founding partners and management team. At the session, the corporate brand fundamentals were defined including the vision, mission, values, personality and brand essence, tagged, Grey Matter. Grey Matter describes B&I’s ability to comprehend complex ideas, reason intelligently, solve difficult problems and learn quickly from experience. It implies the firm is highly intellectual possessing extensive legal knowledge, experience and networks.

[Lesson: Brand essence definition is essential to brand strategy. Brand essence provides direction and influences visual expression.]

Following the strategy session, brand policy documents were developed including a strategy session report, FAD analysis report (which analysed brand eroders) and a comprehensive public relations strategy report.

[Lesson: Always document the brand development process for the brand custodians and future implementation contractors.]

Employee Acculturation

To ensure B&I employees imbibed the brand personality, Alder developed an employee brand manual which explained the corporate brand fundamentals of the firm. A training session also held for employees.

[Lesson: Carry along employees and foster buy-in for a new identity.]

Brand manual cover  Brand Manual inside page
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