Banwo & Ighodalo (B&I) – Design

Branding implementation commenced with the design of a new logo as well as primary, secondary and tertiary corporate function materials and stationery. A visual identity manual detailing design specifications and brand rules was also developed.

Old Logo  New Logo
 bi-old-logo1  banwo

The new B&I logo signifies shining rays of knowledge and competence emerging from the African continent. The rays connote reach – a vision of continuous expansion. It graphically represents Banwo & Ighodalo’s expanding scope and size, as well as services to other continents.

[Lesson: Create a compelling story for a new identity; one your publics can buy into. Ensure relational integrity and consistency across all visual identity elements.]


Corporate Function Materials


Business cards  Block pads
  business-card  block-pad


Letterhead  Continuation sheet
 letter conti


ID cards  Envelopes
 id-card  envelope


Plastic Folder  Notebook
plastic-folder notebook


Folder box
 Folder card
folder-box folder-card


Wall signage